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Rules & Regulations

Post by Ultima on Sat Aug 09, 2014 11:35 am

Welcome to the Rules & Regulations ! New users and active users should follow the rules. There's a punishment if every user break the rule, always watch your Warning Bar.

Warning Content
l Warning - 1 Day Ban
ll Warning - 3 Day Ban
lll Warning - 1 Week Ban
llll Warning - Permanent IP Address Ban

- H+ Rated / Pornography - No H+ Rated and Pornography, this includes nude image and videos that are H+ Rated. Don't dare to post it at any thread here, there's a thread for this thing. Somehow, it will cost some Points, so you could see the Category.

- Respect - Respect any other users, this includes moderator and newbies. Don't tell any secrets or things that might hurt other users.

- Malware Virus - Don't post any downloadable that has a Virus. Once you get caught and somebody told this to any staff, you will be permanently ban even it's your l Warning.

- Spamming - Spam can be interpreted in various ways. On this forum, it shall be interpreted as:
• Making an excessive amount of short posts repeatedly.
• Posting twice in a row (double posting) within a 24-hour period in one thread, without anyone else's post in between.
• Posting in the wrong location.
• Intentionally driving a thread off-topic.
• Flooding a forum.
• Stalking members' threads or replies by constantly focusing or beating down on solely their posts.
• Making a thread or post which is identical or close enough to a thread which already exists.
• Advertising of any sort except user-owned blogs or forums which do not advertise actual goods.
• Having just a quote for a post.
• Having just a picture for a post if it is unrelated to the thread or topic.
• Posting excessively to gain post count. (If this happens, I will be notified and your post count will be disabled for a period of time which the staff will decide)
• One-word posts
• Post only consisting of "I agree", "Thanks", "Yes", or something similar
• Thread titles like "Please Read", "Important", "My Ideas", etc
Each time this happens, you will get a warn and the post will be deleted or if it's a title, edited appropriately.

- Multiple Accounts - Self-explanatory. If any of the mods catch you, the extra account will be banned, and you will receive a seven day warn. Second time, full and permanent ban of every type (IP, account, e-mail).

- Spoilers - If you have spoilers, put warnings in the thread title if you made the thread, or make a spoiler tag and say that is a spoiler. If we catch an open spoiler, you will be banned, the length determined by severity/number of infractions. Spoilers count as deaths, identity reveals, or anything major.

- Staff Final Say - This goes without saying. Should be pretty easy to understand. If a moderator or an admin or the like requests something of you, you should listen to them. They will be reasonable. For example, if we ask you to stop arguing with another user, we expect you to stop. Don't argue with us unless there is an amazingly good reason. That is disrespectful, and you will get a warn each time this happens.

- Moderator Abuse - - We have a highly respected team of volunteer moderators here on Gun That Anime Forum, and they deserve to be treated with respect. If you are abusive in any form of contact with our staff, or direct abuse at a moderator in a thread, then Gun That Anime will issue an infraction as we deem appropriate measure against your act. It will be left to individual moderators to decide if they feel they have been offended in any way. Gun That Anime Admins will also investigate any infraction issued for abusing the mods.

- Gun That Anime Team


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